Eldon’s Porch

Welcome to Eldon’s Porch.  I often sit on my porch and think.  I think about how God has blessed me.  Or, I think of my wife of 45 years or our children or my seven grandchildren.  Or, I think of my 40 years in Corporate America and the “adventures” I experienced there.  Or, I just think of what goes on and why it matters.  My purpose in sharing the thoughts from my porch is to help the reader navigate this journey of life.  And, perhaps, smile from time to time as you see yourself in the experiences of my life.

Much of this information has been assembled in my first book, “Achieving your best day yet… a more fulfilling career, a more impactful life.” You can find this book in paperback or Kindle versions from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Achieving-your-best-day-yet/dp/B087FL769K/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2MV0JNCCN71UA&dchild=1&keywords=eldon+henson&qid=1602865019&sprefix=eldon+Henson%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-1). So, pull up a chair and let’s see where this takes us.

For those of you that may still be working in FDA-regulated industries, I have also published a book, “Pragmatic GXP Compliance: Successfully navigating the often complex and maddening world of regulatory inspections, inspection readiness, and knowing what’s important.” This book is also available in paperback or Kindle versions from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Pragmatic-GXP-Compliance-Successfully-inspections/dp/B089M425M3/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2MV0JNCCN71UA&dchild=1&keywords=eldon+henson&qid=1602865019&sprefix=eldon+Henson%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-2).

About Eldon Henson

Eldon lives in rural, suburban, western St. Louis, MO.  He is married, has three children, and seven grandchildren.  He worked in corporate America for over 40 years and, thus, gained significant insight into people, achievement, career development, and how people succeed.  He is also a dedicated Christian and serves God in a number of ways.  He seeks to share the things he has learned with others in the hope that readers will achieve a greater balance in life, learn perspective, be successful in their careers, and, ultimately, understand that our purpose is to love God, by loving others.

Eldon also is an optimist.  To him, every day could “be our best day yet!”  There is always that chance… so, we must look at every day as an opportunity to make a difference for someone else.  Someone once said, “A day is not a good day unless you have done something for someone else that could never pay you back.”  This, my friend, is the start to a “best day.”

4 thoughts on “Eldon’s Porch

  1. Eldon, thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts on corporate America. There are quite a few things that you have touched on that resonate with me.


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