Today could be your best day yet!

bird in hand

Not long ago, a one of my good friends asked me if there was any band or person, dead or alive, that I would pay $1000 to see in concert.  Of course, he was probably thinking of the all-time greats, such as Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, etc. when he asked the question.  But, my answer was quick and easy… yes, I would pay $1000 to hear my Dad sing “Little Brown Jug” or “Jimmy Crack Corn” one more time – but this time to one of my seven grandchildren.  If fact, I would pay a whole lot more to see that.  My father has been gone now for over twenty years and I still think about him and the influence he had on my life every day.

I am often known as the individual that says, “This could be our best day yet!”  You might be thinking that a “best day” would be the day you finally receive that promotion you’ve worked so hard to get.  Or, you could be thinking this is the day you win the lottery.  Or, the day your son or daughter achieves something truly big.  Or, the day you attain that world-wide recognition you deserve.  Or, that day you finally finish a project that has been nagging you for months.  Sure, any of these could contribute to a “best day.”  But, for me, when I think of my very best days, they are days spent with the people I love.  I think of days filled with fun and laughter.  Or, I remember good times with good friends, some no longer in my life.  I think of winning, and celebrating, or just enjoying the beauty of the world around me.  I think of every new day with my bride of almost forty years.  I think of those I wish I could speak to just one more time.

So, remember that you might look back tomorrow and say that today truly was your very best day yet. Don’t take today for granted. So, have a good one – perhaps your very best yet!  And, take the time to give your love to those special people in your lives.  Never take times you have with them for granted.


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