Being inspired even when you don’t feel like it

I was recently able to attend a presentation by Dr. Kneeland Youngblood.  Dr. Youngblood is a physician that left medicine to excel in the world of business.  He spoke of his humble background, how he chose to become a physician, the risks that mark his life, his decision to leave medicine, and how he has enjoyed being successful despite often being the underdog.  His words were inspirational.  One of the questions at the end was this (paraphrased), “How do you inspire those around you when the situation is less than inspiring.”  Dr. Youngblood provided a very well considered list of four key things.  Let’s take a look at these:

  1. Surround yourself with inspiring people – Face it, some people are not inspiring.  In fact, they can pull you down, not build you up.  When possible, remove yourself from these individuals.  It is difficult to be inspired and positive, when those around you are not.  When you have the opportunity to choose, choose to be around people that thrive in uncertain times, that are encouraging, that serve others, and that make you feel like anything is possible.  How can you not feel inspired when everyone around you behaves in this manner?
  2. Think big, not little – We often feel uninspired when we become bogged down in the details of today.  When we change our perspective from the little things to the big things, we immediately become more inspired.  Dr. Youngblood spoke of making significant changes in his life, not because things were bad, but because he needed new inspiration.  Perhaps, this could aid us, as well.
  3. Take measured risks – It is difficult to be inspired or an inspirational person if our tolerance for risk is zero.  There are times in life when you must simply “go for it.”  We only live once and time keeps marching.  Is there something you have delayed that you need to do?  What measured risk in your life or on your team would re-generate the inspiration you need?
  4. Educate yourself – We often become uninspired because we cease learning.  There is a whole world around us that should inspire us every day.  Learn something new, like a new language.  Learn to play an instrument.  Do something totally new and see what inspiration comes.

Great advice!

One more thing… We cannot depend upon our circumstances to inspire us.  Sometimes, we have to be the source of inspiration for ourselves or others.  We likely have only limited ability to control circumstances, but we have infinite opportunity to change our own attitudes or generate our own inspiration.  Don’t use your circumstances as an excuse to be inspired!

Thanks for what you do and have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Being inspired even when you don’t feel like it

  1. Love the final two comments about inspiration and not using circumstances as excuses!!! I’m inspired to take measured risks


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