What is your dream?

A friend recently shared with me the following quote (author unknown) she received from the Business Management Daily:

I watched a baseball team’s jubilance after the final out of the World Series.  How these adults leapt, cried, danced like children.  And I asked myself what pinnacle in my life would make me behave as silly as that… and why I’m not striving for it right now.”

Did reading this quote stop you in your tracks?  Oh, how easy it is for us to get into that comfortable rut and just stay there…  up with the alarm; grab the coffee; make sure the kids have their breakfast eaten and day lined up; shove the dog out the door; go to work; finish that report; rush home through traffic; grab dinner on the way home; wonder when you’ll get the lawn cut; etc., etc., etc.  Then, go to bed, wake up, and start all over again.

Please accept some advice from one of your “elders” today.  I’ve been in industry now for nearly 37 years; been married for 40 years (all happily, I might add!); have seen all three of my children married with their own children; and I wonder where all the years have gone.  It happened like a flash!  Just one blink and the time was gone!  I do have to say that I have enjoyed and savored every minute (almost) and do not have any serious regrets.  But, I am saying to you that still are either early or in the middle of your careers, don’t forget to dream, then chase after that dream.  What do you do that provides the greatest satisfaction in your job, or life, and what are you doing now to enhance that?  Are you thinking “big enough” when it comes to dreams or are you merely satisfied to remain in that rut and count the days rushing by?

Do you have a dream?  Do you have a goal in your life?  Have you even considered what pinnacle in life would make you accept a pie thrown into your face or a soft drink poured over your head — and be happy about it?  I’ll share one more quote from my friend’s source:

“You should follow a dream until it dies — and then, go just a little bit farther.”

Today could be our best day yet!  Make it a great one!

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