About my “Best Day Yet” at work

Certainly, the concept of “Best Day Yet” has been discussed a number of times and is referred to frequently in this blog.  Someone recently asked me a couple questions about my thoughts and experiences and I thought it might be valuable to someone else.

Question: “Have you ever had a ‘worst day yet’ at work?  Can you tell about it?”

Yes, I have had some very difficult days at work.  No one day comes to mind as my single ‘worst day’.  However, let me share some of those.  One time, I had just heard from a good friend that his grandson had died.  I just felt an overwhelming sense of loss for my friend, especially so, given that I have been blessed with seven healthy, happy grandchildren.  I have deeply saddened when I have lost a friend, or loved ones, or when colleagues have lost loved ones.  A number of these challenging days have occurred even within the last year.  I have been saddened with the departure of colleagues or when I personally left good friends behind.  I was saddened when good friends experienced great difficulty at a former employer.

Yes, I have difficult days.  But, you notice… none of these ‘worst days’ have been directly related to work.  Though work challenges do sometimes demotivate me or challenge my ability to work through these issues, those personal hurts that affected me directly or those I care about have impacted me much more that things related to work issues.  Sure, work disappointments do occur, but it is important that they be balanced against personal, positive events in my life.

Question: “What has been your ‘Best Day Yet’ at work?  Can you share specifics?”

Again, I can’t really think of a single ‘best day.’  However, I can name a few possibilities, such as days when individuals that have been in my organization or that I have worked with closely are promoted into key positions – those, to me, are some of my best days!  And, I have been blessed to experience a number of these days in the last year or two.  I hope to have many more of these.  Days when the ‘fruit of our labor’ are harvested are best days – I think of successful projects after we have worked diligently for months to execute, or days when key projects are finalized or “go live” – all great days!  Days when personal events have occurred are great days – for example, days when my grandchildren have been born, or started school, or days when my own kids have had successes, or days when my wife and I celebrate anniversaries or highlights – these are ‘best days.’  Days when our company has great successes or days when personal highlights have occurred are always days to remember.

Best days are almost always shared with others, you’ll notice.  I would guess that this is true for you, as well.  Days we remember are not usually days when we accomplished something alone or that we did not share.  Even when we receive an award or are recognized with a promotion, we cannot help but think of those that helped us achieve that accomplishment. 


You can never know when a ‘best day’ or ‘worst day’ might occur.  Typically, for me, these have occurred on days that seemed like ordinary, common days.  I come into my office just like every other day and leave that evening a different person… a person impacted, perhaps permanently, by something good or bad that happened that day.  Cherish those good days, celebrate those highlights, and never take for granted those things and people that make an ordinary day a “best day yet.”

Thanks to all of you that make a positive difference in my life!  Have a terrific, “best day!”


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