The value of your signature

If you go onto E-Bay right now, you can find an autograph of Princess Diana for $400,000USD.  Or, for $195,000USD, you can get a signature of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  For $158,000USD, George Washington; $158,000USD a choice of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln; or, for only $65,000USD, you can get an autograph of Jackie Robinson.  Obviously, the value of the signature of these individuals is great.

Your signature is also of “value” for obtaining a mortgage loan.  When you get a loan, your signature signifies your promise that you will fulfill the requirements and commitments within the contract.  Do you realize that your signature is your word, it represents you – it has value?

When you sign a document, what does it mean?  Here are a few of my thoughts on what our signature means:

  1. I did it – my signature means that the work associated with it was done by me – I was there and my signature attests to that
  2. I did it right – my signature means that I did the work in the manner specified or I agree with what is requested
  3. I did it when I said I did – my signature means that I did the work at the time and date specified – my signature is as good as a videotape of me performing the act
  4. I stand behind my work – my signature means that I am willing to testify to the work, time, and manner associated with the signature
  5. I have pride in my work – my signature means that I did my best work
  6. I promise – my signature means that I have made a promise

When you consider all of what a signature means, it is clear that it has “value.”  Maybe, the value of my signature would never sell on E-Bay, but for my work in my business, my signature means that “I cared enough to give my very best.”  What does your signature mean to you?

Have one of those “best days yet”!

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