“Tear down that wall”

On my desk, I have a small piece of the Berlin Wall that someone brought to me a couple years ago.  Though I can hold this piece of concrete in my hand, its importance is more symbolic than real.  This small rock can no longer keep one group of people isolated from another.  However, it does symbolize those days in the past when isolation and separation were very real.

Functional groups in companies often create very real walls between them.  When such a wall exists, needed information is not shared.  Collaboration to correct problems and make improvements does not occur.  When this occurs, you rarely see individuals from one area involve those from the other to be innovative, creative, responsive, or proactive.  One group works in its vacuum, while the other does the same.

In the same way, people build walls around certain elements in their lives.  Some try to build a wall around their past because it is too painful.  Some try to wall off their personal lives from friends.  Some build walls around individuals fearing to share too much or get too close.  In all of these situations, the walls do more than keep things in – they keep other people out.  They prevent us from developing those deep friendships that each of us needs to survive and thrive.  Do you have a wall that is preventing such a friendship in your life?

So, it might be a good day to take a frank and open look at your own life.  Have you intentionally constructed your own version of the “Berlin wall” that prevents you from getting too close to someone else?  Or, can you help someone else recognize and remove their own wall?  To me, I am reminded every time that I look at that small piece of concrete on my desk, that walls can be good, but they can be inhibitors in our lives.  What wall have I started constructing that needs to be torn down?  Or, how can I help someone else today that simply cannot “tear down that wall”?

Thanks for what you do and for working to keep things positive.  Do something to make today special for someone else in your life.

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