Courage without composure

Today, we look at the leadership element:

                        Courage without composure leads to crisis and chaos”

Do you remember the Lion in The Wizard of Oz?  He was, after all, a Lion… yet he lacked the courage to perform even his most basic function in life… scaring people.  To make it even worse, it was clear to anyone that he lacked courage because he lacked composure.  Whenever he encountered anyone or anything, he immediately began to shudder and cower… attributes not at all like a true lion.  As a result, his life and everything around him was in crisis.  He was in chaos, not control.  Eventually, the Wizard helped the Lion realize that he had great courage within him all along.  All he needed to do was realize it and express it.  Immediately, his life became calm and he gained composure worthy of the King of Beasts.

We can be much like the Lion of Oz.  Things, people, events, or circumstances conspire to make us cower in retreat, rather than boldly face our adversary.  Instead of facing that individual or event in a manner of strength and confidence, we all these to make us run in fear.  We become individuals that avoid conflict, avoid people, or avoid any risks at all.  Can you see any of this in your own life?

For anyone to become a true champion – a Lion, we must possess AND exhibit a basic level of courage.  We need to be warriors, not worriers.  We need to hold our head up and face our adversaries.  Surely, this may not be easy, but unless we do, we can expect crisis and chaos in our work and in our lives.

So, catch your breath, hold you head high, and charge forward.  Good things come to those that do.

Thanks to you all for your dedication and diligence.  And, have a “top ten” day.


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