A tribute to working mothers

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Yes, I do realize this is not Mother’s Day Weekend coming up. However, I have been impacted this week by my discussions with our working mother coworkers.  I have spoken to at least ten just this week that expressed the challenges – not complaints – of being everything at work, yet caring for their loved ones.  Not one of these wonderful women expressed regrets and each one expressed their love for their children and the lives they have.  I truly admire each of you that work so hard to balance doing your best work in both phases of your lives.  Today, we pay tribute and give our thanks to you!

Yesterday on The Porch, I spoke of our destiny and how we have an opportunity to shape it. As parents, we know and understand that a significant part of our destiny and our ultimate legacy is embedded in our children and our grandchildren.  The legacy we leave can impact, literally, generations forward.  Ladies, please feel honored for what you are doing to pour your lives – the very best you have – into those future generations.  You are shaping the world and making a difference every single day.

Sure, you sometimes….

  • Feel frustrated when the “big meal of the day” is a burger and fries from a fast food shop once again
  • Wonder when that day will come when your children tell you how blessed they are to have you
  • Wish for once that that non-working mother down the street could have your schedule for just one week – would she still shake her head when she sees you flying out of the house late again?
  • Hate the fact that your car floorboard has more than a large order of fries bouncing around
  • Regret having to take your baby to the sitter with a dirty diaper for the third time this week
  • Would like, just once, to sleep for 12 hours uninterrupted by crying, bad dreams, or an alarm clock
  • Think you might be the only mother that ever tells her teenagers “no” on anything
  • Wonder why you even have a TV or bought that new book or keep paying for Netflix – you never have time for any of them
  • Wish you could stay late or come in early to finish a project, but you will just try to fit it in after the kids are asleep or get up at 3am to get it done
  • Think you should eat better, but you feel satisfied to just eat what’s available when you can squeeze it in
  • Feel guilty when you can’t tuck your child in at night because you have to travel again
  • Wish that men shared more of the burden, cared more for you, or appreciated the personal sacrifices you make each day
  • Think that time will never move fast enough
  • Believe only your teenagers must have a dress code
  • Remember those days when you could go out with your husband or girlfriends without feeling you needed to hurry home
  • Look forward to those days when life slows down and gets more simple

Well, time does pass. Someone once said about the days when you have small children at home, “The days are long, but the years are fast.”  How true that is!  I remember one year that my wife and I attended 160+ events with our children (ballgames, concerts, etc.) and we longed for the day when we had two free evenings in a row.  Then, when the kids were gone, we looked at each other and said, “We sure wish we had a ballgame to go to tonight.”

Ladies, there is a payback for your work and efforts and sacrifice. Those children do eventually grow up and you do eventually get more time for yourself.  But, in the meantime, please know that you are doing the most important work in the entire world.  So, today, The Porch says thanks… you are honored… you are cherished… and, you are blessed.  Hang in there, keep smiling, and remember that your work is critical.  May today be your very best yet!

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