The First Inning: Everyone has a chance

In honor of the “big inning” (e.g., beginning – get it?) of baseball season, The Porch will feature nine innings of sage baseball advice over the next two or three weeks. Sorry about that for you soccer fans, but, as you know, baseball is the only true sport. And, let’s admit it, I live in St. Louis. So, here is the line-up:

· First Inning: Everyone has a chance!

· Second Inning: Patient pondering, then frantic action!

DSC01814· Third Inning: The aggressive team is often the winning team

· Fourth Inning: If you can hit….

· Fifth Inning: Many singles are better than one solo home run

· Sixth Inning: A strong bullpen is key

· Seventh Inning: Time to stretch

· Eighth Inning: Rally time!

· Ninth Inning: “It ain’t over till it’s over”

The beginning of baseball season is special. Spring has sprung; flowers are blooming; birds are singing; and everything is fresh and new. The baseball season is long… 162 games, then the playoffs. If you win 100 of those games, you have had a tremendous season. But, on opening day, everyone is even. Everyone has a chance! Hope springs eternal with every baseball fan hoping and wishing that their team will play in the World Series in October. Every player believes this will be his year – the year he truly lives up to his full potential. Optimism is the word of the day!

In the corporate world, we need to occasionally take that same view… spring has sprung and everyone has a chance. Every team has an opportunity to excel. Every individual can have a great season. Everyone deserves a chance to contribute. We often fail to step back and take a fresh look at our work and our coworkers. We frequently see an individual “tagged” as a nominal employee because of an event that occurred ten years ago. Sometimes, this is referred to as the “doofus syndrome”- a bias unfairly assigned to an individual because of one or more prior events.

So, on this fresh spring day, opening day for some, let’s take a new look at our work, our teams, and our teammates. Everyone has a chance to be great! Everyone has a chance to win! Everyone has a chance to have a best day or best year! Think about what you can do to make today a special new start for someone or something. You would appreciate that fresh start for yourself, I’m sure.

Thanks for all you do. Have an All-Star day! Batter up!

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