A tribute to friends


Today, The Porch is beginning a new Friday Series. For the next several Fridays we will pay tribute to a different group of individuals that have, can, or are impacting our work and our lives. So, stay tuned for these Friday features.

I have been very blessed in my life because I have had many friends. I’m exceedingly thankful for that. Over the years, I have had many experiences with these friends and have observed friendships that others enjoy and have formulated a number of thoughts and observations that I would like to share with you. You may have observed some of these yourselves. Anyway, take a look and see if you agree:

1. A true friend will always tell others you are a saint, but they know you are not. They just want others to think the very best of you.

2. A real friendship doesn’t require daily communication. But, it does require some level of frequent or regular interaction.

3. A true friend will divulge their favorite place to mushroom hunt, fish, or find bargains… but, you might have to beg them or bribe them to get it (and, a true friend knows exactly what bribe will actually work).

4. A great friend knows what the other person needs without having been asked… and, they will do what they can to meet that need.

5. A great friend knows your heart – your passions, your goals, your hopes, your hurts – and wants only the best that life can bring to you.

6. A super friend guards your integrity and will hold you accountable when you step out of line… even if it puts your friendship at risk.

7. A great friend knows that someday, one of you will be standing before the casket of the other with a mixture of tears and smiles wishing for one more chance to say good-bye. And, because they know this, they cherish the time they have with each other now.

8. Thoughts of a wonderful friend can make you laugh out loud when you are alone in your thoughts.

9. A great friend encourages you, not just when you are down, but to keep you from becoming that way.

10. Love is a part of every friendship, even if that word is never or rarely spoken.

11. An excellent friend knows just how far they can go razzing you before you cross the line… and, that friend can go farther toward that line than anyone else.

12. A true friend knows more about you than casual friends; they know your spouse’s name, how many kids you have, your birthday, and what bugs you and they are always willing to listen.

13. A fabulous friend will loan you their pick-up truck, help you do projects at home, pick you up from the car repair shop, and anything else they can do to serve you, and, they usually do this without hesitation or, possibly, without you asking.

14. Food is a critical element of every great friendship.

15. A real friend is one that knows they are part of your life and is never considered an intruder or annoyance.

16. A fun friend is one that can laugh with you just as loudly and often as they laugh at you – in short, a great friend is a fun friend.

17. A loyal friend is one that will simply not allow you to feel lonely.

18. A good friend always has some dirt on you they threaten to share… but, they never do.

19. Friendship is much like a special plant – it requires regular nourishment and lots of sunshine – when it gets both, it flourishes beyond what you could imagine.

20. A great friend will put their job on the line or their life on hold to help a friend in need or one in distress.

21. A wonderful friend will not let you get away with your lofty talk or “spin” – they know who you really are.

22. Over 90% of your “friends” on LinkedIn or Facebook aren’t really your friends at all.

23. A real friend is not ashamed to say they will think of you or pray for you – and, you would and often do the same for them.

24. A real friend won’t let their friend root for the Cubs…ever, or under any circumstances.

25. Those real and true friends are those that, when you look back over your life, put a smile on your face and made this life worth living.

So, to my real, great, loyal, wonderful and fabulous friends, thanks! This is a tribute to you and good friends everywhere that we all enjoy. Take time today to thank someone for being your friend!

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