Our capacity for good


Water is amazing!  It sustains life.  It provides energy that can move mountains.  It cools, heats, refreshes, and cleans.  It is the universal solvent.  It has truly unlimited capacity for good.  However, when uncontrolled, it also has unlimited power for damage.  We have all seen stories in the news about floods and the power of flowing water.  I have heard several stories lately of damage done when water found its way into basements.  Water even has power when unseen through the use of hydraulics.  In short, water is wonderful, but it can be scary.  It is beautiful, yet its presence can bring about dread and fear.

Each of us has that same power within us.  We can sustain life, provide energy, refresh, and we have unlimited capacity for good.  We can make a difference by what we do, what we say, or by how we treat others.  Yet, we each also have the capacity for harm.  We can damage others by what we do or what we say.  We can hurt others outwardly or in hidden ways.  We have unlimited power ready for good or bad.  When uncontrolled, we can bring about harm, fear, or dread.  But, when we exhibit self-control, we can change the life of another quicker than you can take a breath.

We are all like water… capable of good or capable of bad.  It all depends upon whether we live within the boundaries designed for good, or whether we operate without regard for those boundaries.  How we live determines to a very large extend whether we produce good or bad results.  We each have the capacity for both.  Which do you choose?

Have a great and productive day!


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