Tribute to Teachers, Coaches, and Leaders of our Early Years


In earlier tributes, we recognized friends, mothers, great leaders, and veterans.   So, today on Tribute Friday, we pay tribute to those adult leaders that so greatly influenced our early years.  We are at the end of the school year for most and it reminds me of the thrill I experienced on the last day of school in my school days.  And, I remember the great restraint exhibited by our teachers that did not outwardly cheer, yell, and party to celebrate their own three months of freedom.

So many teachers, coaches, and leaders of my youthful years influenced me.  I can actually remember the names of every teacher I had through my early years… Murphy, Taylor, Cozad, Bronson, Briscoe, Martin, Wilson, Boles, etc.  There were others, as well… baseball and basketball coaches, band leaders, scout leaders, volunteers that made so much possible, etc.  The dedication and integrity of these individuals helped shape me.

So, it might be appropriate today for us to thank one of those key individuals that helped make us who we are today.  Or, at least, it might be good to thank one of our kids’ teachers.  Is there someone that greatly influenced you that comes to mind?  Why not take a few minutes to say thanks today? 

And, thanks to you for all you do!  Have a great day and terrific weekend ahead!


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