Your internal memory card


The next time you are in a significant event (ballgame, birthday party, beautiful place, etc.) look around. See how many people are trying to capture the moment on a smart phone or camera.  I think you’ll be amazed at the number of cameras you will see.  It seems that in this day of handy-dandy smart phone capabilities coupled with a significant need to share life’s details on social media, everyone attempts to capture every memory on these devices.  And, in doing so, they risk missing the significance of the moment.  I was recently in a beautiful place and someone reminded everyone:

“Don’t get so caught up trying to capture everything on your camera that you forget to record the events and beauty on your internal memory card.” 

What this individual was doing was reminding us that there are some things that we must remember to capture in our memory. A camera will simply not do it justice.  Etching those great and one-time memories in your mind, your internal memory card, will allow you to bring back the moment forever in the future whether or not you carry that smart phone you now feel is so essential.  Someday, when I am old and gray (actually, older and grayer) and my memory starts to fade, I want to be able to recall those special events, such as my children’s weddings, newborn children, nature’s wonders, fun with friends, etc.  I am hopeful that I will etch those memories so deeply in my mind that they will never fade.  How about you?  Are you missing these big events because you are trying too hard to capture photos or videos you may never see again?  Don’t miss it!

Have a wonderful day! This could be our “best day yet… there is still a chance!”


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