The heartbreak of ‘almost’

bicycle race 2

Maya Abbott of the USA Olympic bicycling team recently led her race through most of the final 10 miles. But, in the final few meters, three other cyclists teamed up and caught her,  finishing seconds ahead of her.  Though her performance was strong, she fell four seconds short in a race lasting nearly four hours of winning a medal.  After years of training, sacrifice, and hard work, she ‘almost’ won a medal.

I recall a story years ago when we lived in Michigan of a local 7-year old girl returning home from school to meet her new baby sister for the first time. She was so excited to see her new sister that she forgot the rules of getting off the bus and ran in front of the bus into the street and was struck and killed.  This still saddens me every time I recall it.  She ‘almost’ made it home.

I think of so many others I know that have had personal losses or disappointments resulting in their own ‘almost’ moments. That term ‘almost’ can be so heartbreaking at times.

However, we all may have the opportunity of turning a disappointing ‘almost’ moment into a positive, victorious moment simply by our own actions. By being persistent, taking initiative, or avoiding procrastination, we can potentially erase our own ‘almost’ event.  For example:

  • By taking the initiative to call or write a friend, we might miss the heartbreak of knowing, “I almost decided to call, but now it is too late.”
  • By driving that project we’re on now to a successful end, we might avoid the disappointing news, “We were so close to success, but we let it lapse at the very end.”
  • By letting that work project wait just another day, we might not have to say, “I’m glad you had a great game, Son, I almost made it to your game on time.”
  • By taking a few extra minutes to help a colleague, you might avoid having to say, “I almost invited her to lunch, but now she has decided to leave the company.”
  • By making the personal sacrifice to gain knowledge or learn a new skill, you might never have to say, “I almost decided to pursue that, but now that opportunity has passed me by.”
  • By ensuring that you always make time for others, you might someday say, “I know I almost lost you – I’m glad we decided to get together occasionally.”

Think today about the ‘almost’ moments or events in your life. What do you need to do today to avoid the heartbreak of your own ‘almost’ moment someday down the road?

Have a wonderful day! Please know that I appreciate being on this journey together with you!


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