Receiving and passing along the gift of communication


Today, we look at the sixth of The 10 Greatest Gifts principles outlined by Steven W. Vannoy in his 1994 book.  You will recall that we examined “the gift of humor” the last time.  These principles also apply very well to adults working in the business world and can help us work better with others and understand, for ourselves, how we can be most productive and effective in every walk of life.

What is the principle of communication?  Vannoy defines it like this as he discussed the importance of this gift to our children:

“With the gift of communication they can express their own ideas as well as hear different ideas from others. They can express feelings as easily as facts.  Their sphere of influence in the world has almost no limits.  And, in the practical world, it is probably the most essential business skill they will ever learn.  It is a gift of enormous potential.”

Vannoy clearly believes that teaching (and/or attaining) the gift of communication is important for several reasons. Let’s explore these and a few others I have personally observed:

Communication skills are important for life and business success because:

  1. It helps us express our own ideas clearly and concisely – If you can adequate express your own thoughts and ideas, it provides a link to all others. It allows you to share with others in ways that non-communicators cannot do.
  2. It facilitates our ability to hear the ideas and thoughts of others – Good listening skills falls under the “communication umbrella”, yet, many individuals fail to understand its importance.
  3. It conveys not our feelings in addition to facts – Because our feels are so expressive, it is important that we are able to convey how we feel, not just what we know.
  4. It helps us convince and influence others – The ability to communicate is paramount in convincing or influencing others. Thus, it becomes a strong tool for leadership, collaboration, and, simply, just getting things done.
  5. It provides a pathway into our mind – Good communication skills reveal our knowledge about a subject — not just the what, but why it is important.
  6. It provides a pathway into our heart – Good communication skills also help others see the true person behind our words. Good communication is enhanced when others see the heart behind it.
  7. It provides direction – Communication always leads to “what’s next.” It helps us know what we can or need to do before we communication again. It is difficult to be a great leader if you have poor communication skills.

It is true that the gift of communication may, more than another other thing, provide an avenue to life success. When an individual can convey, through clear and concise oral or written communication, their thoughts and ideas, the doors of success fly open.  Conversely, an inability to properly communicate can severely hinder your ability to succeed.  Teaching strong communication to children, or, learning it for ourselves is a critical life success factor.  And, for me personally, have the ability to communication through writing is invaluable in the business world.  By learning to write simply and reflect what you think in “plain words”, you can overcome many other hurdles that come your way.

So, there you have it… the sixth of Vannoy’s 10 Greatest Gifts. Think about what this says to you and what action you might need to take.

Let’s all have a fantastic day!


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