The gift of abundance


Today, we look at the seventh of The 10 Greatest Gifts principles outlined by Steven W. Vannoy in his 1994 book.  You will recall that we examined “communication” the last time.  These principles also apply very well to adults working in the business world and can help us work better with others and understand, for ourselves, how we can be most productive and effective in every walk of life.

What is the principle of abundance?  Vannoy defines it like this as he discussed the importance of this gift to our children:


“The gift of abundance is what I consider the key to all the other qualities and values that make our lives and our children’s lives so fulfilling. It allows us to view the world as a piece of endless choices, endless opportunities, endless chances, endless growth.  There is always another day and another way.  It’s a way of approaching the world in degrees of strength, instead of degrees of weakness, of living with degrees of love and goodness instead of degrees of fear.”


Vannoy clearly believes that abundance is something we can give or acquire. Thus, it is not just something that happens… it is something we attain!  So, how can we attain a life-view of abundance?  What is it that makes us see the world with optimism, strength, confidence, and joy?  These are not easy questions, but let me take a shot at listing a few actions we can take:

  1. Begin each day thinking it will bring good, not bad… attitude! – Instead of thinking of all the bad things that might come your way today, why not concentrate on the good? Why not consider how fortunate you are to have a job, a family, a home, friends, and good health? Why not count your blessings, not your problems? Why not simply assume that this will be a good and exciting day?
  2. Consider each day as an opportunity to give, not receive… serve! – The world does not rotate around us. When you serve others, it enhances your own life. Why not look for a way to add value to someone else’s life today? Why not look for some way you can turn a bad day into a good day for someone else?
  3. Realize that each day is a chance to experience life… adventure! – We are only promised today. Tomorrow may never come. Look for ways to take a risk today. Get out of your comfort zone. Go wild and crazy (within reason, of course) and see how it changes your day.
  4. Identify the critical few things that must be done today… prioritize! – Too many people do not experience abundance because they have too much on their plate. We burden ourselves with too busy lives and too many responsibilities. As a result, we leave others completely out of our lives. So, for today, identify those top three things that must get done. Everything cannot be top priority! Pick a few that you focus on and relax on the others. Major on the major items.
  5. Plan at least one thing new for each day… grow! – Unless we are intentional about personal growth, it won’t happen. Do something new and different today. Look for a new experience. Get out of your rut and see how it changes your perspective.
  6. Do at least one fun thing for yourself each day… refresh! – “All work and no play…” Plan something that YOU want to do today… then do it!
  7. Share your day and yourself with someone else… love! – Life is not meant to be lived alone. Just for today, look for a way to share your life with someone else perhaps greater than you’ve ever done or more than makes you comfortable.


“You are exchanging one day of your life for what you do today. Make it count!”

Have a day of abundance today!

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