Having a “YOLO” day


My wife and I just returned from a road trip covering nine states and over 3600 miles. One of our stops was to see the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.  South Dakota is a beautiful state.  It is also one of those states that you can drive hours without a change of scenery.  However, in South Dakota, you do see a sign every two miles advertising “Wall Drug” – a tourist “destination” (e.g., tourist trap) in the town of Wall, SD.  See the photo shown above.  You can buy anything needed by a tourist in Wall from coonskin hats to Mt. Rushmore in a snow globe.  I was struck, however, by one of their roadside signs that simply said “YOLO”.  I later learned that this meant “you only live once.”  Well, one trip to Wall Drug is fascinating and fun, but probably enough.

Anyway, the YOLO term stuck in my head. You only live once!  That is so true.  My wife and I had talked about such a trip for years and finally did it.  How many things have you included on your “bucket list” that you may actually never get to do?  To me, YOLO does not mean doing risky activities without thought of consequences, but it does mean that we need to occasionally stop saying, “We’ll do that someday” and just do it!  It means knowing that you may only get one chance in life to say something, do something, or be something to someone else.  It means you might come to that crossroads only one time.  It means you may need to exert a dose of courage to make a point.  Someone once said:

“Most people regret more those things they didn’t do or say than those things they did do and say.”

So, today, you are encouraged to think about doing or saying those things that you may later regret if you keep delaying or putting it off. Be courageous and just go for it!

Thanks for all you do! Have one of those “best days yet!”


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