The beginning… or the end?


England suffered immeasurably during WWII. They were bombed repeatedly and the country suffered both physical and mental damage.  Sir Winston Churchill was their Prime Minister during the war and worked tirelessly to support the allied effort AND maintain the morale of his distressed countrymen.  During the height of the war in November 1942, Churchill gave a speech to his nation in which he sought to encourage them and motivate them to keep fighting and remain optimistic.  It was there he said:

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Though already battle-fatigued, Churchill believed they would prevail in the end against the enemy and that his people, his team would win, but they needed to be resilient and optimistic, despite the challenge.

Churchill’s words are good for us to remember during challenging times we face. His words help us see that, though we may not yet be able to see the end, we can be certain that we are progressing toward the end.  We can know that every day we persevere is another day that brings us closer to our goals.  During the midst of wintertime, we often get a very nice, warm day with sunshine.  On those days, I often think that, though it may not signal the end of winter, it is one less day that we’ll have to endure cold and snow… each day brings us one day closer to the finish line.

So, for today, if you are facing a challenge, take heart in Churchill’s encouragement… though you may not know when this will end, you can be encouraged by the fact that you are marching toward the end. Each day brings you one step closer to victory.  In the end for England, Churchill did lead his people to a significant and victorious finish to the war.  It is said that his ability to keep his nation motivated played a huge role in the persistence and perseverance of the allied effort in Europe.

Take heart and stay encouraged. This really could be your best day yet!  Or, if not, it may bring you one day closer to that coming best day!


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