Finding treasure from life’s storms


My sister-in-law’s family (her husband, daughters, grandkids, etc.) had planned the trip for over a year. They would all carve out vacation time in October 2016, take the granddaughter out of school for a couple days, and take two cars to drive the 15 hour drive to the “world’s happiest place” — Disney World.  Everything seemed perfect… that is, until Hurricane Matthew messed up their plans.  Not knowing how accurate the forecasts were, they left on schedule, but as they neared Florida, the forecasts became more and more ominous.  Finally, after evacuation orders were made to Central Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, they made the gut-wrenching decision to cancel their vacation and return home.  My niece commented, “I just had my hardest parenting moment yet… telling my 8-year-old daughter that we were not going to the Magic Kingdom after all.  She just couldn’t understand how some wind and rain could ruin our plans for the most fun vacation ever!”

Life does have storms and disappointments. We recently heard from some very good friends that their son and his wife were separated.  It seems that almost daily now we hear of another public servant dying in the line of duty and their children wondering why Mommy or Daddy won’t be coming home.  We read often of companies closing businesses or plants and leaving hundreds of employees out of work.  Life’s storms reveal much about our own resilience and character.

Joel Ruth found some significant treasure after Hurricane Jeanne in 2004. In the aftermath of the hurricane, Ruth found 180 coins from a shipwreck that occurred in 1715.  It took the hurricane to reveal the treasure that Ruth was able to find.  Ruth was not a casual beachcomber, but he is an active and proactive treasure-hunter.  His find was intentional and lucrative.  Joel Ruth found treasure after a storm that caused devastation along the Florida coast.

There may be treasure in our own storms, as well. In my own case, I have uncovered invaluable treasure in the people in my life after storms.  I also found my way into the pharmaceutical industry after a personal storm.  I know many others that have discovered true treasure in their own storms.  The one common factor in all these “discoveries” has been that you have to be seeking this treasure.  You can’t just be a casual observer walking along the beach.  You need to be intentional and truly seek the treasure yet to be revealed.  Despite the devastation that can result from life’s storms, seeking those nuggets of gold to be uncovered in the aftermath can be life-changing.  So, if you are currently in one of those storms or whether that storm is hovering on the horizon, remember that it will reveal treasure… but, only if you seek it in the aftermath.  Plan now to seek and to recover that treasure when the next storm abates.

Have a fabulous day today! This could honestly be the day you have waited years to see.  And, who knows, you might just find the treasure of a lifetime today.


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