The value of an “ordinary moment”


A couple quotes today:

“Sometimes, you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

“Someday, when you hang up the phone, they will be gone.” – Anonymous 

These are so true! I often try to remind myself when I’m in one of those moments.  I tell myself, “Please carve this into the deepest parts of my memory, so, on that day when the memory starts to fade, this one will still be there.”  I recall thinking that at each of our kids’ weddings.  I also tried to etch those memories when seeing each of my seven grandchildren for the first time.  But, I don’t think I do this with everyday events that I later try to recall.  For instance, good times with friends are fun at the time, but the details fade in a few months.  My wife and I were recently having dinner with some of my very best friends at an outside table next to a beautiful waterway.  I took a moment that evening to try to add that moment to my personal memory card.  Seemingly ordinary moments later become those great memories we discuss later on or we talk of them as “the good old days.”

What “ordinary moments” are slipping by in your life that you look back on as great times? Are you failing to realize the value of these seemingly ordinary moments?  The day you start looking at the special events of our everyday lives as moments you will hope to remember later is the day you start truly valuing life and everything it brings.  Don’t look back with regret someday.

Have an awesome “ordinary day!” Something will happen today that you will want to remember someday.  Be sure to capture it.


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