Mole Hunter (Part 2)


Well, I had two mole traps set last night with no success. One of the traps is a “never fails” version that my neighbor loaned me. Either I am a terrible mole-hunter OR I have the most intelligent moles in my yard known to mankind!

Yesterday, we started my list of everyday moles that we face in our lives. We talked about dealing with inadequacy, over-commitment, frustration with slow change, exasperation with fast change, and disappointment. Surely, you understand that this is not an exhaustive list. However, between parts 1 and 2, this list of 10 “moles” reflects challenges that many of us face either now or we may in the future. Let’s look at the remaining “moles” on today’s list:

  1. Haunting by past events (or regret) – Many individuals can never overcome issues from their past. Regret for past choices is the most common reason for these issues. I think we all have things in our past that we might have done differently if we could have a re-do. However, we can’t. No matter how much we wish it, we cannot go back. Moving forward is the only real choice we have. Realizing that there are others depending on us and that we might be adding new regrets unless we move forward should help propel us out of the past. The best way to overcome past regrets is to create future “best days.” By being intentional about our future opportunities, we can refocus our energies away from those anchors holding us back.
  2. Fear of the future – “Ah, I’m in a rut and I like it! I hope to never have to climb out of here.” Have you ever encountered someone so fearful of the future that they try to hide in the present (or, in their past)? No one really knows what the future holds, but I do know that I would have missed out on so very much had I not been willing to climb out of my own rut and take some risks in my own life.
  3. Unfair treatment – “Life is not fair!” We need to all know this and embrace it. That doesn’t make us happier when we are on the rough end of unfair. However, allowing things we cannot control to dominate our lives is really unfair to ourselves… and those around us. Set it aside and focus on what you can control!
  4. Extreme cynicism (or distrust) – I’m sure we have all worked with individuals that had become so distrustful of others or the company that they became extremely cynical. This can hinder us and those around us, if we cannot control it. When we get to the point that we cannot trust, it becomes challenging to be positive or encourage each other. We need to guard against this level of cynicism by preventing it. Don’t allow yourself to go there. And, if you find yourself there now, work together with someone else to turn your view elsewhere.
  5. Discouragement (that feeling that you just don’t care anymore) – There is an epidemic of discouragement in our society today. There is so much negative that it is difficult to see your way to the positive. In many cases, you become discouraged because of the company you keep. It might be time to surround yourself with individuals that have a more positive viewpoint. Another way out of discouragement is to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. Find out what you are passionate about and immerse yourself in that. Or, find a way to serve someone else. There is no better way, in my opinion, to snap yourself out of a discouraging moment than to help someone else that cannot help themselves. When you pour your life into another, you somehow forget the negatives that you thought were so important.


Moles are destructive. But, they can be eliminated. Taking the steps needed to eradicate our own moles can make us more productive, more positive, and more useful to others. And, it always results in a more self-fulfilled, happier person. This might be a good time to identify the moles in your life and take specific steps to eliminate them.

Thanks for all you do for others. Have a splendid, mole-free day!

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