The definition of a great life


I just heard today that a former colleague, friend, and wonderful man passed away. Clarence “Clank” Wagner died last week leaving a wife, four children, and 17 grandchildren.  I worked with Clank in the past, though his busy schedule made our meetings rare over the past few years.  However, when I think of a great life, I can’t imagine many individuals I know that fit the definition better:

  1. He was a kind gentleman at all times – I never saw Clank treat anyone else with disrespect even in the face of extreme work pressures.  He was kind to all and was the definition of a gentleman in all things at all times.
  2. His life was marked by service to others – Clank dedicated his life to others.  His life revolved around his family, but he always found time to give to others unselfishly.  Even in death, his body will advance medical science and the training of new physicians.
  3. He was dedicated to his family – Clank was definitely a family man.  He served his family, he outwardly loved his family, and he spoke frequently with pride of them.
  4. His outlook was eternally positive – Clank always saw the glass as half full.  He encouraged everyone he encountered.  If you ever needed an attitude adjustment, Clank was the guy to do it.
  5. He had many interests – Clank lived a full and balanced life.  He was a diligent and dedicated employee.  He thoroughly enjoyed his retirement years.  And, he had fun in everything he did.

Though Clank’s departure leaves a hole in the lives of many, his memory evokes a smile. Thanks, Clank, for making the lives you touched better and the world a better place.  You will be missed.

Every time we experience a death of someone we care about, we should be reminded that our lives here are just a vapor.  It is another reminder to appreciate those special people in your life and to realize that today is the only day we are promised… everything may be different tomorrow.  And, today, I am thankful and blessed to have known Clank Wagner. Oh, that we could all live a life as complete and dedicated to others as was Clank’s life!

4 thoughts on “The definition of a great life

  1. I wanted to add a small, but so relevant part to the story above. Clank loved life and people so much, that he would wish them “Happy Birthday” when their day came up…not just for people he knew…EVERYONE in the entire company. He took the time to reach out, give a smile, and make someone’s day better! He will be missed.


  2. I had not heard this sad news. He will be missed, but he will be well-remembered. No better legacy than to be remembered as one of the kindest, most selfless individuals to have known. Thank you for posting this remembrance.


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