“No amount of darkness can overcome any amount of light”


It is said that the human eye can see the light of a single candle on a dark night about 30 miles away. Amazing! This again confirms the wonderful miracle we call your eyes. But, it also helps demonstrate my view that any bit of light can overcome any amount of light.

Remember when you were a child on one of those nights when you feared the dark. The tiniest sliver of light from an adjoining room was enough to fend off the gobblins that might have been watching or stalking you. I remember suffering through a couple long nights in my adult life when sleep was elusive. Seeing that first hint of daylight provided a sense of relief and calm that made the world right again.

Let’s admit it… there is much darkness in our world today. We don’t have to recount it here. But, the presence of even a small amount of light can make a difference. Family, friends, or colleagues struggling through difficult times need the pinpoint of light we can provide. We may hold the light today that chases away the fear and anxiety facing them today.

The message today is simple… be the light that someone else needs. Be the kind word that is unexpected, yet needed. A simple act may be enough to light the way for someone in the darkness. Use today as an opportunity to light the way and provide a hand of help to someone in your pathway.

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