Life is simple… so, why do we make it so hard?


I have a new “summertime” neighbor that I am getting to know. His name is Ted and he is 87 years old. Ted is a great guy that has a lot of wisdom regarding life. Ted says, “Life is simple… get a job, take care of your family, and do the right thing.” He uses this example to explain most of society’s ills… homelessness, crime, family issues, etc. He feels that if you just follow these three simple rules, many of life’s challenges and problems would be avoided. Do you know… the more I think about Ted’s advice and philosophy, the more I tend to agree with him. Let’s take a look and see how right Ted really is on this.

  1. Get a job – Ted believes that many of today’s issues could be solved if people would just get a job. This would take care of many financial issues, of course, but would also give people something to strive for, a place to go, and something productive to do. He is right that much crime is related to idleness and a feeling of hopelessness that comes with it. Where Ted lives, you can see a “help wanted” sign on the front of nearly every business in town. Finding a job today is much easier than it was just a couple years ago. Getting a job also help secure a stable future. So, Ted is right in many ways when he says getting a job is critical for a successful life.
  2. Take care of your family – Another key component of Ted’s theory is to take care of your family. In other words, fulfill your responsibilities. This means to provide basic needs, help your children get an education, and support family members emotionally. Go to your kid’s events. Ensure they understand the importance of education. Take care of your house and property. Be there for them. Love your spouse. In short, do what you can to help your spouse and children be prepared to thrive in life. That is one of our basic responsibilities.
  3. Do the right thing – Finally, Ted believes we should all do what we already know is the right thing. We all know what to do… no one needs to tell us. Be patriotic. Serve others. Pay our bills. Be a true friend. Help out those than need a hand. In short, live your life with character and integrity. Be a giver, not a taker.

So, what do you think? Sure, Ted’s philosophy is simple and makes sense. Why do we have to make it so complex and difficult. If we just follow these three simple rules, many of our problems… and, perhaps, many of society’s problems… could be solved.

Thanks for all you do! This could be our best day yet!

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