New Book! “Yes, you can change your circumstances”

I am very pleased to say that my newest book “Yes, you can change your circumstances” has been published and is available now in paperback from


(If the link above does not work, simply search for Eldon Henson on Amazon; Kindle version coming soon).

Here is the description of the book from Amazon:

Today’s pandemic is more than one of a virus that ravages and kills. It is one that leads to frustration with life’s circumstances; desperation; and a feeling by individuals that nothing I do can change things. I don’t believe that is true! I believe there is hope in the world and in the possibility of changing your circumstances by molding your mind, heart, and hands to do things differently. This book provides a pathway to a different life. It talks about and provides a recipe to change the way you think about life and offers specific approaches to do so. It will help you modify your heart in a way that your choices are better for you and others. And, the end result is a new way of living… a new approach to your day-to-day circumstances. Some of the topics discussed include: the elimination of “moles” in your life that rob you of joy; refining your character; the value of ordinary moments; seeing the positive rather than the negative; key decisions that can affect every aspect of your life; courage; contentment; overcoming adversity; enhancing relationships; measuring and refining your Positivity Index; Happiness Factors; and many others. This book includes 136 chapters or topics designed to help you not only realize how to think differently, but to act on those thoughts in ways you never thought possible. You will find nuggets of gold on every page, advice from dozens of others, and lists, recommendations, and advice that will both challenge and motivate you. In these troubled times, the wisdom you will glean from these pages will almost certainly create for you a new, more fulfilled, and more effective life. Don’t miss it!

The elements of this book were written over a period of 3-5 years for my blog, The Porch, and have been compiled to provide a life-guide for achieving an extraordinary life. I look forward to your thoughts after you get a chance to read it.

Have a great day!

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