Reacting graciously with frustration

The other evening I traveled to one of our plants. I decided to take the last flight out of town because it was the only direct flight of the day.  Smart, eh?  Here is a summary of my evening:

  • Flight was late leaving, thus, late arriving
  • Rough landing
  • Denied a rental car — my driver’s license had expired, so they would not allow a rental
  • Taxi cab called – stood outside waiting in the rain – had to direct the cab driver every turn all the way to the hotel (e.g., no relaxation even during the cab ride)
  • Arrived at hotel at about 12:15am
  • Grabbed a banana in the lobby – this was my only dinner for the evening
  • Banana rotten
  • Log onto computer – password failure – called Help Desk for password reset
  • Trouble getting to sleep – wondering about whether TSA would allow me to fly with an expired license
  • Awoke at 4:55am Eastern Time – about 3.5 hours of sleep – ready to rock and roll
  • Lots of coffee all day

Have you ever experienced frustration? How did you react?  Could you laugh about it afterward?  Sometimes, situations like this come into our lives to help us realize that we must be gracious no matter what happens.  Sometimes, these situations occur to remind us to be thankful for the little things.  Sometimes, these situations occur to remind us that it is easy to be kind when things go our way – the real test of character is to see how you react when things don’t go your way.

Have a great, frustration-free day!

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