Don’t miss that opportunity

 I received a note from a colleague after a posting on The Porch.  He expressed the following, “This is very interesting timing that you sent this today.  Yesterday I came across a picture that I keep on my phone.  I am from one of those small towns and understand completely some of the things you described below.  This picture is one of my favorites ever.  I found this on the wall of a Mennonite Dairy outside of Rutledge, Missouri.  We had a hunting spot just down the road from the dairy for many years.  We made it a practice to bring back some glass bottled chocolate milk from most of our trips.”

I really appreciated my colleague’s note and the photo below that he sent.  Please take a close look at the photo.  In our world today, we often fail to realize that taking advantage of opportunities that lie before us may require extremely hard work, personal sacrifice, or difficult challenges.  In a day of “instant gratification” or “just Google it”, we have not developed the patience or fortitude that is often required to take advantage of those opportunities that come our way.  For example, you don’t become an excellent golfer just because you want it and have nice golf clubs.  You have to work diligently and expend long hours to perfect the craft.  In the same way, merely wanting an opportunity to blossom doesn’t make it so.  Hard work, effort, and long hours may be required.  Please just understand that if you are willing to put forth the effort, there will always be a place where you can contribute.

Thanks for all you do!   Have a great day!






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