Do as I say… not as I do


One of my favorite (or at least, one of my most used) quotes is this:

“Pardon me, but your actions are speaking so loudly that I can barely hear your words.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are several analogies to this quote, such as, “Words are cheap. Another often used analogy is, “Do what I say, not what I do.” The point is that we talk about the behavior we want others to exhibit, but it is the behavior we exhibit ourselves (or that we allow) that makes the difference.

So, what does this mean from a practical standpoint? Here are some examples:

At Home

· How can you expect to have children that don’t drink or use drugs if you drink or use drugs?

· You can’t expect your children to be honest, if you aren’t willing to demonstrate honesty with your taxes or with other people.

· Is it reasonable to expect a child to have a healthy lifestyle when your own lifestyle is the opposite?

· Your children will not treat others with love, respect, and dignity if they have witnessed you treating others poorly.

· A son learns how to treat women by watching how his father treats his mother.

· Most of us learned what we know about saving money, debt, and investing in others from our parents or other adult examples.

At Work

· You can’t expect your team to be motivated and energized unless you have made an intentional investment into them as a team and as individuals.

· If you have an unhealthy work/life balance, it is likely your team members will suffer from this, as well.

· If you insist on sending e-mails over the weekend regularly, you have forced your team members into constant monitoring of their devices.

· Employees can tell when you talk about the freedom to operate, yet micro-manage the details of their existence.

· Employees won’t trust you when you don’t give them a reason to trust you.

· Don’t tell someone you will do something for them unless you really intend to do it.


Here are a few things to consider as we try to align our words and our actions:

1. When we encourage others, we forget our own problems.

2. When we are truthful, we instill honesty in those around us.

3. When we are sincere, we encourage openness and trustworthiness.

4. When we show others we care, they will do remarkable things to support us.

5. When we remain positive in the face of discouragement, we motivate others to overcome adversity.

6. When we laugh, others relax.

7. When we exhibit vulnerability, others see our integrity.

8. When we support others, they will pull us up when we fall.

9. When we give a second chance, it usually pays us back a hundredfold.

10. When we go the extra mile, others strive to keep up.

11. When we show mercy, kindness flourishes.

12. When we serve others, they follow.

13. When we teach others well, they pass it on correctly.

14. When we give, we get.

15. When we are personally involved, the bond becomes stronger.

16. When we have fun, those around us thrive.

17. When we cooperate, the participation rate soars.

Thanks for making your world better through “doing” – not just talking! Have a terrific day!

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