You’ll find what you seek


Recently, I heard a speaker talking about some of the hardships in her life and how she was able to persevere. She talked about how, at her lowest point when she was on the verge of giving up, her grandmother said to her, “If you look for good, you’ll find good; but, if you are looking for bad, that’s what you’ll find.” That comment spoke to me personally. How often do we see only the negative? How many times, especially during times of struggle, do we completely ignore those good things in our lives and focus, instead, on the negative?

Similarly, if we are looking for the negative in people, that’s almost certainly what we’ll find. It is easy to criticize others because no one is perfect. We tend to nit-pick this or that and focus only on that which is wrong, or that could be better, or that we simply don’t like. On the other hand, when we intentionally look for the good in people, that is what we will almost always find.

So, what does this mean for us? Clearly, this tells me that I can choose what I find. If I choose to find the good, that’s what I will likely find and vice versa. I have a choice in what I find, how I see others, and, ultimately, my attitude.

Today, I choose to find good. I choose to see the good in everything, every person, every situation… I am starting my day knowing that this will be a good day, simply because I choose it. Let’s all give it a try today.  Now, let’s go have a good, or even a great day!

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