A door to second chances


Doors are interesting. Their purpose, of course, is very practical… to keep people/things in/out, to provide privacy, or to separate or confine sounds.  They can also serve aesthetic purpose.  However, I believe doors can also serve a symbolic purpose.  Here are few that come to my mind:

  1. The front door to our workplace – Every day we come into work, the front door provides new opportunities, new chances, and a fresh start. No matter what happened yesterday, we have today to make it better. We also have a fresh chance to impact the lives of our coworkers, to encourage them, and to support their efforts. The door you entered this morning is more than an entryway, or a security line… it represents a day filled with hope and possibility.
  2. The door to your office or the office of anyone else – Yes, this door also represents a new opportunity. However, it can be a door of second chances, as well. For those entering your space, it provides a new chance to right a wrong, to start something new, to collaborate, to correct a problem… every door represents a new chance… a second chance to make a difference.
  3. The door of your home – I think of my door at home as the entryway to a sanctuary, a safe place, a place to shed anything that is not real or not really me. It is that one place where we can be open and honest in a safe way.

In truth, any door you enter represents a new chance or a second chance to do something great. Any door could be an entryway to something awesome or wonderful.  Do you look at doors this way or, like me, have you become so immune to things that you don’t even see it?  Why not, just for today, view every door we enter as a fresh chance to make a difference.  Then, let’s take advantage of it.

Thanks for what you do to improve the lives of our patients. To them, you make a huge life-difference.  Have a fabulous day!  It could be a “top ten” day, you know.  Watch for it!


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