Be BIG in the little things


Everyone knows you should come up big in the big things. Athletes always strive to be at their best during championship games.  Everyone wants to be at their very best when making presentations to senior management.  Individuals typically vie to be on the “big” project teams, the “important” activities, and the “needle-moving” opportunities.  Colin Powell once said, “If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters.”  So very true!  It seems that individuals typically shy away from the “little projects” because they want to be part of big things.  But, as Powell indicates, excellence matters in little things.  You prove yourself in the minor things and prove your capability to handle bigger things.

Being “big” in little things also matters in how we behave and how we deal with others. For example, driving in traffic is, in reality, a little thing.  It is not a competition.  It is not an indicator of our worth.  One way or another, we almost always get to our location.  However, our behavior on the road can be a measure of our character.  How do we handle things when someone cuts us off in traffic?  Do we always have to be in the fast lane?  Does courtesy go out the window when we get behind the wheel?

Being “big” in little things is truly a reflection of our character. How we handle little stresses matters.  How we treat others when we have been mistreated is important.  How we react when we are pushed shows others who we really are.  Being “big” in little things means a lot.  Please consider this the next time you are tempted to strike back at someone else or to shirk a less than desirable request when it comes.

This could be it… our best day yet! You never know when that day might come.  And, thanks for all you do to make this a better place.  Have a great day!



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