Networking “To Do” List for Today


Over the last few months, I have heard a number of coworkers describe their own personal career journey. Some have worked only at one company.  Some have worked at 5+ companies.  Some in plants, some corporate, some both.  Many have relocated their families for advancement opportunities.  It is interesting to see that every person has a unique journey.  However, there is one thing that every single person has mentioned as a key element of their career success… networking!  So, I thought it might be good today to remind you of your networking “to do” list that can help ensure you remain in the loop.

Today’s Networking “To Do” List

  • Contact one old boss or mentor to reconnect via e-mail or phone – you might even consider doing this by thanking that person for what they have done for you in the past, such as “I was just thinking about you and felt I needed to call and just say thanks for the help and guidance you gave me in the past…”
  • Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date – you might even post a comment occasionally – this will ensure that all your contacts see your name and remember you
  • Connect with 5 new individuals on LinkedIn – check the “others you might know” area
  • Plan a lunch out with someone in a quiet place where you can discuss events, career activities/challenges, etc.
  • Find an industry meeting that you can attend – many such events occur locally at little cost – these can provide great opportunities for meeting new individuals
  • If you don’t have a mentor, begin thinking about someone you admire or in an area that you would like to know more about – plot a meeting with that person to explore mentoring opportunities
  • Do something with old friends – we need to be intentional about staying close to friends – they provide a safety net for us when times get rough, so we need to nurture those relationships often


By doing these things, you can stay connected with your expanding network of individuals.

Thanks for doing something today to make it a better day for someone else! And, have a great one yourself!


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