Things we take for granted


I was recently in one of the most beautiful places in North America. Everywhere I looked, there was indescribable beauty.  Early in the trip, I took lots of photos because I just was not used to the scenery I was seeing.  Later on in the trip, the beauty had become almost commonplace.  In less than a week, the beauty had become so common that I failed any longer to see it.  I was beginning to take the beauty for granted.  In fact, I spoke with a number of local residents.  This beauty was all they had ever known.  Indeed, they appreciated the thousands of tourists that visited their area, but they did not see the wonder of their own homeland around them.  They took the beauty for granted.

It is easy to become so familiar with what we have that we eventually fail to realize how blessed we really are. Today, let’s take a fresh look at those things we have that we might take for granted… things we might fail to really appreciate.

Do you really appreciate:

  • The lifestyle we have – Do you realize that even the poorest and most desperate individuals in our society are better off than over 90% of the world’s population?
  • A supporting and loving spouse – For those of us blessed with a supporting spouse, do we express our appreciation and thankfulness daily?
  • The freedom we have to pursue our own destiny – Many in the world today do not have the freedoms we have in the developed world
  • Our education – Most of us have been given the ability to pursue the education and skills necessary to contribute to our company
  • Our company – Working for a company that provides good personal opportunities and makes a difference to our patients is a privilege and honor
  • Life’s basics – I really appreciate air-conditioning during this time of year, but I do take it for granted at times – many other of life’s indulgences that we enjoy every day are easy to take for granted
  • Good friends – My life if richer because of my friends
  • Our children and grandchildren – I cannot imagine my life without my children and grandchildren
  • Great food – I am continually thankful for bacon, blueberries, Snickers bars, chocolate chip cookies, and hamburgers
  • Music, art, books, and fun – Do you frequently pause to appreciate these?
  • The beauty around us – Each of us can celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of the world around us
  • Technology – We often forget how our lives have been enhanced by the technology of our world
  • Great leaders, mentors, teachers, coaches – Please don’t take for granted those individuals that have and routinely do invest in your own life and career.

Finally, I appreciate and am thankful for time. We are promised only today. Are you in the habit of appreciating and being thankful for each new day?Have you become immune to those blessings around you every day? Do you live your life in appreciation? Are you thankful for those people in your life that have made a difference to you? Please don’t become so used to the wonder around you that you fail to appreciate it.Thanks to you for making this a better place. Have a fantastic day!

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