No, it’s not too late to say what you need to say!


I ran across an article published just this week that I thought was very interesting. It was written by Nathan Garbig and I thought it is thought-provoking.  (It can be found on and was published 8/2/16.)

Garbig describes a job he held in which his only responsibility was to hold up a sign in a crowded public place that said something outrageously positive.  His signs said things like, “You mean more to me than you think.”  Or, “I want to make you proud.”  Or, “I know how bright you shine, even when you don’t know it.”

Garbig talks about the impact these simple signs made to people.  He had individuals stop in traffic that said his sign changed the entire conversation (e.g., argument) she was having with her daughter.  Another said it made him this about whether he was making his family proud.  Another said it made him realize how rarely he told his loved ones how much they mean to him.

Over the course of this “Things you shouldn’t wait to say” campaign, many individuals were clearly impacted.  To some, they related that it changed their lives.  A simple message encouraging positive thoughts and hope had changed the lives of people he didn’t even know!

Is today the day you need to tell someone how much they mean to you?  Is it time to go outside your comfort zone to express something to someone else before it is too late?

Have I told you, those important individuals in my life, lately, “You mean more to me than you could ever know!”? Well, you do!  Think about the message here… you might change someone’s world by simply expressing a positive comment or by sharing a genuine feeling.  Why not give it a try?

Have a fabulous day! I am thankful to be on this journey of life with you!

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