Watch those doing it right

Copy them

It is really easy to find ways to criticize what others do. After all, most people just aren’t as smart, talented, efficient, effective, or inspiring as we think they should be.  When we look at those that do things wrong, perhaps, we are look at the wrong people.  Let me summarize this with what I think might be an original quote:

“Don’t look at those doing it wrong to criticize them, but watch those doing it right to copy them.”

Instead of looking at those that do it wrong (with a view to criticize them), it is much better to watch those doing it right (in order to improve ourselves). We need to shift who we watch… away from those that provide a negative example, but to those that provide a positive example.  We need to find someone we believe is doing the right things in the right way.  Then, we need to emulate or copy them.  For example, great leaders provide a model that we should utilize to make our own leadership stronger.

The challenge is this… Focus on those that do things well. Ask yourself what makes that person excel.  Then, copy it.  Why try to re-invent the wheel?  Use those positive role models to provide a pattern that can make you better.  Keep your focus away from those that merely provide fodder for criticism.  Let’s strive to learn from each other.

Have an outstanding day! This could be the day we someday call “our best day yet.”

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