I’ll go first!


Children are notorious for wanting to be the first to do things. “My turn first,” they say.  Or, “I want to be first in line.”  Children have that adventurous excitement about them that drives them to be the first to experience something new or to “take the first risk” or to set the standard for all the others.  The innocence of children is wonderful.  So, what happens when children grow up?  How many adults do you see or hear saying, “Me first?”  This is especially noticeable in a work setting or one in which you work with other adults.

What happens to us as we grow older that takes away that adventuresome spirit that we had as children? Do we become tainted by the ridicule of others?  Do we become afraid of being out in front of others?  What creeps into our lives that makes us want to hold back until others go first… until we know it is safe?

Why don’t we begin a new movement today? Why not a campaign which challenges us to say, “I’ll go first?”  Who says we can’t be bold enough to be out front and set the standard for others?  Who wants to go first?

  • Which leader wants to go first and say, “Let’s work side-by-side and get this done together.”
  • Which parent wants to go first and say, “Absolutely not! I don’t care what the others are wearing, you cannot wear that in public!”
  • Which of us will be first to say, “Enough of political correctness! We need to stand up for what is right, not what others want us to think”
  • Which friend will be the first to say, “No matter what, I’ll be with you, for you, and true to you.”
  • Which of us will say to another, “How can I make life better for you today?”
  • Who will be the first to ask a question the next time we meet with our senior managers?
  • Who will step up to volunteer to lead a project no one else wants to do… without being asked to do it?
  • Who will be the first to assist a coworker in need of support?

Going first is noticed by others. Courage is a key attribute of top leaders and high-potential employees.  Taking a personal risk to go first may actually pay dividends in your career, as well.

So, what do you say? Who will be the first to say, “I’ll go first.”

Thanks for everything you do! Have a superb day!


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