Your best moments


Think of the best moments of your life, thus far. Do you think of the time you hit the game winning home run?  Or, when your first child was born?  Or, when you were married?  Or, when you bought your first house, first car, or first dog?  Or, was it possibly an occasion or award for you or one of  your children?  Or, when you had that last chemo treatment?  Was it a day you spent with a friend or your spouse?  Was your best moment spend on the beach or at the Eiffel Tower or Yellowstone National Park?  Was your best moment the time you first heard those special words from someone you love?

I would tend to bet that your best moments were spent with someone else. I recently ran across this quote that speaks to this topic:

“None of the best moments in your life will occur while you are looking at a screen.” – Bernard Marr

Despite what we might think, our best moments are not those times at work or looking at a phone/computer screen or a television. Our best moments are spent with others or in the beauty of nature.  So, this begs the question… how are you spending your time?  Are you even giving life a chance to gift you with a “best moment” today?  How many best moments have you already missed because you were consumed with that smartphone you carry?  So, today, just think about setting aside that phone or computer long enough to truly interact with someone else.  You never know when one of those “best moments” might come.

Have a wonderful day! It might be your very best yet!


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