Why we still “Remember the Alamo”


On March 6, 1836, the Mexican army of Santa Anna was finally able to overcome the brave and resilient army of 189 men of the Texas army at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas (see photo above). All of the men holed up in the Alamo died that day.  But, their 13-day fight against extreme odds was the source of the cry “Remember the Alamo” that spurred on the ultimate victory of the Texas army.

Why do we still “Remember the Alamo” today? There are several reasons historians say the Alamo still inspires individuals today.  Let’s look at these and consider how they might inspire us today:

The men of the Alamo are worth remembering because of their:

  1. Self-sacrifice – It is said that the men of the Alamo knew their situation was precarious. They knew defending the Alamo was a challenge and that the Mexican army of Santa Anna would likely have no trouble defeating them there. They knew that trying to stay and defend the Alamo and the land in Texas it represented would likely result in their death. Nonetheless, they loved their homeland and believe it was worth fighting to save. And, in staying to fight, they assumed they would die. Their sacrifice ultimately inspired victory by the Texas army and saved their homeland from falling to Santa Anna.
  2. Devotion – Many of the men defending the Alamo had families. Thus, they believed they were ultimately fighting for the sanctity of their own homeland for their children and grandchildren. They were devoted to Texas and believed it was worth dying to save.
  3. Bravery – The men of the Alamo were facing certain death. Yet, they faced it and their invaders bravely and with the courage of men expecting to win. None of us will likely ever be placed in a position in which we face death defending something we believe in. We are fortunate. However, the bravery of these men is an amazing example to us today and should inspire us to face the challenges that come our way.
  4. Honor – The men of the Alamo embody honor. They faced their fate solely to defend the sanctity and honor of their homeland. These men still deserve our honor today.

Yes, the values exhibited by these men deserve remembering. Similarly today, I believe those individuals that serve their country in the military or as police officers or as firemen or as first responders deserve a similar honor.  I personally try to thank these individuals for their service when I encounter one.  I believe that most of them also exhibit the values displayed by the men of the Alamo… self-sacrifice, devotion, bravery, and honor.  In a way, when we honor the those that died that day in the Alamo, we, in a small way, honor these heroes of today.

Yes, we need to “Remember the Alamo” and the values that made those individuals worth remembering and honoring today.

Thanks to any of you that has served in the military or in civilian service. And, thanks to any of you with family members serving in these ways.  You are true heroes to me!

Have a fabulous day! And, let’s face our own adversaries today with courage.

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