You can change someone’s day


As leaders of people, families, teams, and individuals, we need to consider the power we have to impact others.  Though we may think, “What difference can I really make,” we have enormous opportunity to influence others.  For today, I thought it would be good to consider a few of these “opportunities” and think about what kind of influence you plan to have today:

  1. A kind word can change despair into encouragement
  2. A kind act can transform a bad day into a terrific day
  3. A smile can convert stress into energy
  4. A helping hand can pull someone out of the ditch and get them back on track
  5. A listening ear can help another talk through their most challenging moment
  6. A serving heart can inspire someone else searching for their own purpose
  7. A hug can provide the strength to get through another day
  8. An act of trust can bolster another’s confidence
  9. An act of love can renew hope
  10. A moment of humor can restore joy

Look around today for someone that needs you.  Look for that opportunity to make a difference for that one you live with, work beside, or interact with.  Yes, one person can make a difference… do so for someone else today.

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