Just another ordinary day….


I was recently reminded again of the fragility of life.  The day was just an ordinary day. “Kay” (a fictitious name is used here simply because this is still just too fresh) and her husband had a normal start to their day.  They were working on a project around the house… just doing ordinary things.  However, on this ordinary day, Kay, the aunt of my family member, had an accident at home that resulted in her death.  She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a sister, a daughter… probably younger than many reading this now.  She lived her life loving her friends and family, serving others, and dedicated to God.  Well done, Kay!  She was a beautiful person that thought she was having just another ordinary day…

Kay’s tragic death should serve as a reminder to us all that we can never take anything for granted.  In fact, my reflections on her death bring up 7 things I believe we all need to consider to prepare for the day we leave this life.  Please take a look at my thoughts to see if you agree: 

  1. Every day is a gift – It is very tempting to get swallowed up in the regrets of the past, our cares of today, or the worries of tomorrow.  But, today is the only day we are promised.  Thus, we need to live in the moment.  We need to focus our attention on today.  We are blessed to even have today, so let’s live it like the gift that it is!
  2. If something needs to be said, say it! – How often have we regretted waiting to say the things we need to say until it is too late?  Is there something in your heart or mind today that, if circumstances would dictate, you would regret for the rest of your life?  Is there someone you need to forgive?  Is there a relationship you need to restore?  Is there someone you need to tell you love, or admire, or appreciate, or adore?  Is there someone you need to thank?  Today might be your last chance to say or do it.
  3. We need to prepare others for our death – Let’s be practical… How can you help those left behind with the details on life moving forward?  Do you need to get your financial affairs in order?  Do you need a will?  Do you need to record specific details to pass along to make it easier for your spouse or children?  We need to honor them by not leaving them even more to make their lives difficult after we are gone.
  4. We need to prepare ourselves for the day of our death – Do you believe in life after death?  Do you wonder?  Are you ready?  Do you have a hope for your eternal future?  If you would like to know my views and beliefs, you can find them in a previous post on The Porch.  Here is the link, if you are interested (What is your hope?).
  5. Today is a day to be savored, enjoyed, and lived to the fullest – Are you holding back from living a full life?  Are you afraid to take risks?  To me, Kay’s death says once again that we need to take that trip we’ve been thinking about, or learn that new thing, or reconnect with a friend, or do something we’ve always dreamed of doing. Life should be enjoyed and if you are so deep in the rut of life you can’t see over the sides, it is time to do something new.
  6. We should always consider, “What is the most important thing I could be doing today?” – We have a tendency to spend our time on things that don’t really matter much.  For example, is watching television or looking at our phone screen really the most important thing we should be doing today?  Granted, we do need some “down time.”  But, by asking ourselves this question often, we may be more inclined to make our hours and days count more for those we love and that love us.
  7. Because life is fragile, we should consider how we will be remembered (and, adjust accordingly) – We each have in our hands the power to make life either better or worse for someone else.  We can be a giver or a taker.  We can choose to serve others or serve ourselves.  How will you be remembered?  What legacy will you leave?  We should all strive to be making a positive impact on those around us with every encounter we have.

Though Kay’s death is heart-breaking, we need to frequently remind ourselves:

“To the world, you may be one person; but to one person, you may be their world.”  – Anonymous

Though today may seem to be just another ordinary day, let’s use it to make a difference to those around us.  We only have one chance to live today to its fullest.  No, this is not an ordinary day… it is a special day that can mean the world to someone else. Yes, this could be our very best day yet… let’s cherish every minute!

5 thoughts on “Just another ordinary day….

  1. Good words, as always and my deepest sympathy for the tragic loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the family. I just finished a weekend with some of my closest college friends/sorority sisters in St. Louis. We laughed, talked about our college days, our families and kids now and the future. Several things have happened in our lives over the past couple years (including the diagnosis and successful treatment of breast cancer for one of us) that have reinforced our need and desire to get together more often. Life is precious and passes by like a vapor in the wind. Taking time to spend with those we love is vitally important!


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